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Holy Aioli Smears Town, LaOn Updates, MORE!

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MEALS ON WHEELS— There's a new sandwich and salad seller by the name of Holy Aioli which rolls out next week. Meat products hail from Thumann's and all plates are made to order and cost under $8. Obvi Twitter will share the launch location next week but looks like there's a soft serve tonight at Mom's Bar in West LA at 8PM. [Grub Street]

AROUND TOWN— Jonathan Gold on the CA shark fin ban: "California's anti-shark finning bill, AB 376, just got through the Senate Appropriations committee on a 5-2 vote. Almost there!" [Twitter]

ENCINO— After four years of operation, Cafe Carolina finally received its beer and wine license last Friday. [EaterWire]

K-TOWN—Farid Zadi, David Haskell, and Susan Park - who will open a restaurant in Culver City - are right now consulting with the team over at LaOn on August 27, 28 and additional weekends to come. The restaurant will serve both modern and traditional Korean small plates with wine pairings. [EaterWire]