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Seed Grows Into a Cheerful Bistro Flower in West LA

Elizabeth Daniels 8/11

Seed Bistro, pictured up above, is the eco-friendly sophomore effort and more mature sibling to Seed, a macrobiotic, organic, vegan cafe that debuted back in 2008 on Venice's Pacific Ave. Prior to 2008, chef and owner Eric Lechasseur served as a private chef to a slew of celebrities including Sting, Madonna, and Tobey Maguire, and, in fact, Madonna's favorite chocolate pudding, sold at Seed, has been one of the eateries best selling desserts.

Seed Bistro, which took over the former BiMi sushi space on Wilshire, doesn't feel like a terribly far cry from Seed. Communal tables make a comeback, a pleasant earthy tone brightens the space, however in the case of Seed Bistro there's more space, more seats (which includes a sushi bar set up), plus beer and sake for sale alongside the restaurant's signature iced green tea and iced barley tea.

Seed Bistro's dinner menu will be more complex and composed than that of Seed and a blackboard over the sushi bar shares daily specials. As one would find at a traditional sushi restaurant around LA, Lechasseur will offer his take on omakase at the sushi bar. Six courses offered to six diners per evening. Lunch, which will not launch for at least a month, will offer about a quarter of the dishes found on the Seed menu (burgers, salads) and the rest will be new creations. Come in for dinner starting August 29.
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