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Coolhaus Serves Hot Chocolate, Expands in SoCal, New York, and Beyond

Hopefully Coolhaus will have its Culver City ice cream boutique up and running before the sun fades, as it now stands co-founder Natasha Case says the earliest Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches Shop could open is the end of September, though beginning of October is more likely. But outside of retail shop news, there's even more brewing, literally. During the hot months Angelenos in need of a pick-me-up can scoop Blue Bottle iced coffee off the truck, and in the near future, once the weather cools down, Blue Bottle drip coffee will replace the cold stuff. As for future expansion in California, Coolhaus will add another LA truck and also expand its fleet to San Diego and Orange County in 2012.

In other Coolhaus news, one of its two New York trucks will decamp south to Miami to capitalize on Florida's winter heat, and as for that new cart parked in Central Park near the Museum of Natural History, it will be shipped to NYC in the very near future. New York is cold in the winter, did you know? So Coolhaus has decided to heat up its signature ice cream sandwiches and morph those flavors into cups of hot chocolate with a cookie served alongside. Look for that to launch this winter in NY, and Coolhaus may or may not add those hot chocolates to its LA trucks. Still tbd.
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