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The Box Pop-Ups in LA, Potentially Expanding Here, Too?

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On Friday night controversial New York City burlesque club, The Box, held a one night pop-up party at Paul & Andre in Hollywood. And since Paul & Andre is a pop-up as well, this would have to be considered a pop-up in a pop-up, no? And on the subject of Paul & Andre, originally the temporary club that took over part of Cinespace was slated to stay in LA for just six months, and come September that six month mark will be up. Maybe The Box will take over next? Just a thought, although owner Simon Hammerstein is considering Vegas as well, so who knows.

Anyway, the soiree was actually a launch party for Belvedere Red, a new spirit and collaboration between Belvedere Vodka and (RED), that non-profit which helps to fight AIDS.

As per usual trainwreck actor Shia LaBeouf caused a ruckus by getting into a tiff with a friend of Marilyn Manson (of all people), and Page Six says LaBeouf was ousted from the club. While the paper calls Friday night "the LA opening of The Box nightclub," that's really not the case. This was a one night only event, however word on the street is that The Box could pop-up again in LA down the line. Maybe even a permanent fixture at some point? Additional intel welcome in the comments.
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[Paul & Andre Photo/ LA Times]

The Box at Paul & Andre

6356 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028