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Caviar Tasting, Feeling Perch-y, Raw Milk Police

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WEST HOLLYWOOD— Affordable caviar tasting? Yes, please. The next Petrossian Caviar 101 classes will be held this Thursday and Friday, August 4 and 5. Starting at 7:30 on both nights, get a glass of Champagne or flute of vodka, a tasting of five caviars, and appetizers by Chef Giselle Wellman for $35/pp. RSVP to 310-271-0576. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— Controversy with a side of frogs' legs anyone? From the ever-so-pleasant owners of The Must comes Perch. Urban Daddy describes it as a "French rooftop bar slinging cognacs and cocktails 15 floors above Downtown." Sounds nice enough, no offense. Opened last Friday. [UD]

SANTA MONICA— The raw milk police are out in full force this week. Per LAW, Rawsome Foods owner James Stewart was arrested today for conspiracy to commit a crime (uh, selling raw milk). His bail has been set at a comfortable $123,000. Deja vu.[LAW]

Petrossian Paris

321 North Robertson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90211 310-271-0576


321 North Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90048