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Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle Serves Izakaya and More on Sawtelle

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Elizabeth Daniels 8/11

Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle, an offshoot of the Tsujita Tokyo-based ramen mini chain, soft opened its first US location July 30 on Sawtelle.

Now, Tsujita isn't your typical ramen dive like, say, the unfussy Daikokuya downtown or the revered Centinela Santouka which claims a small stall within Mitsuwa Marketplace. Instead, Tsujita sports a modern aesthetic with a gold and black color scheme, banquette and open kitchen view seating, and a rather eye-catching ceiling designed out of protruding wooden polls.

Bowls of ramen mostly cost under $15 and come in two sizes, "Standard" which feeds two to three guests or "Premium" for larger parties of four to five. Unfortunately, for the next month or so, despite the restaurant's name, no noodle or ramen dishes are on offer. Instead there's a whole slew of izakaya and even some sashimi preparations, and LAW says this is because owner Takehiro Tsujita doesn't want to overwhelm his staff and wants to ensure their noodle skills are up to par before the restaurant rolls out its namesake dish. Until then come by for miso cod, toro tartare, and shrimp takoyaki. But, do plan accordingly. Word on the street is this spot has been packed since its inception and due to Tsujita's small kitchen, there's generally a wait for both table and food.
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