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Wake ink. Up When September Comes; ink.sack Confirmed

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Michael Voltaggio's long delayed ink. has passed all inspections and the design team has finished painting the place dark grey. Matte here, glossy there, it looks like the inside of Gollum's mouth, if less dark and significantly more appetizing. Fine art from Matthew Brannon and Chuck Close among others will decorate the otherwise bare walls. The team, including Sommelier Josh Goldman, chef de cuisine Cole Dickinson and a half dozen others are working hard on hiring and training the team that will officially open ink. this September.

The dining area seats 60 on dark wooden tables sans cloth and school desk-like chairs. Minimalist lightbulbs extend from piped chandeliers; the windows are covered in dark wooden shutters. Fine china, finished earthenware and elegant stemware offset the gritty vibe. On the north side of the restaurant, off Melrose, a bar seats up to 12. Flanking the kitchen on the west side of the space is an omakase bar. Up to eight patrons will be able to have a tasting menu of 10 to 12 courses prepared especially for them. Voltaggio promises to be at the restaurant all day, every day and night.

The menu will be a well-edited selection of composed plates that are meant to be shared. Expect Voltaggio's molecular style to shine through if his soon-to-be released cookbook, Volt ink. is any indication. Multi-dimensional in flavor, color, and texture, these are dishes that come together in taste. After opening Bazaar in the SLS Hotel and trying to please Pasadena at The Dining Room at the Langham, Voltaggio is ready to do his own thing. To be open for dinner nightly, reservation line to come...

In other Volt news, confirming rumors from just a few hours ago, Voltaggio today announced the opening of his new sandwich shop, ink.sack. Two weeks ago, the spontaneous chef made the shop owner of Xooro, a few doors down from ink., an offer. Fast forward to today and ink.sack is ready to go. Some sources say it will open tomorrow for lunch, others say it will open by Thursday. Set to serve a casual lunch menu of sandwiches and sides, the spot looks like it will give the 'hood some cred. Bread is being made to spec by a local bakery. Ink. will serve as this small eatery's commissary, providing it with house-cured, shaved and roasted meats, a smattering of creative deli condiments and quirky side dishes. Ink. will make cookies and ice cream; ink.sac will put them together for ice cream sandwiches. Expect lines.

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8360 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 323-651-5866