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Pattern Bar Strikes a Pose Downtown

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Pattern Bar looks, from many different angles, like something one might see in New York's SoHo district in the middle of summer. It's the corner spot in the Fashion District. It's the open air dining area. It's the columns and tiled floors and marble counters and bar stools. As you might expect from its location (near FIDM) and the old sewing machines scattered about the place, fashion is this bar's main inspiration.

Owners Eduardo Castillo and Alejandro Meza have infused the space with a sense of Old Havana charm, New York energy and both Mediterranean and Latin flavors. The menu is full of tapas, arepas and panini, all priced between $7 and $11. However, it's not until you're about to order a cocktail that the place gets a little "Project Runway." The Chanel features tequila, cilantro and spice (with only a touch of Grand Mariner to remind you that it speaks French); The McQueen combines Gin with elderflower and passion fruit; The Valentino pairs vodka with lychee and mango. Wines and beers by the glass save the place from too much vogue. Given the neighborhood's appreciation of the place, it seems that Castillo and Meza are making it work. [EaterWire]