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Wolf Cuisine Brings 10 Courses To Your Door in October

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Meal delivery services have been around for ages, but Wolf Cuisine (not to be confused with Wolvesmouth), founded by chef Phillip Lee and his associate Sylvain Allard, is upping the ante with a full 10-course dinner delivered to your door. Lee hails from some pretty impressive kitchens. He served as a sous chef at Hatfield's but has also spent time in Chicago at L20 and chef Grant Achatz's famed Alinea.

Back in LA, Lee is bring the concept of a Chef's Tasting Menu to home diners priced at $200 per person (includes tax, service, and delivery), or per 10-courses. The chef personally delivers the dinner to one's home, pre-plated, pretty much ready to serve. Lee explains that "The dinner is meant to be interactive and fun and will come with whimsical (yet minimal) instructions on how to 'finish' each of the dishes, whether it be adding the garnish or saucing the protein, I believe people like to be a part of their own dining experience." Also, each month he will post a YouTube video that shows the proper procedure to serve each plate. Lee's first menu debuts on October 6 feel free to peruse the list of eats down below (photos here). To pre-order, email, seven days advanced notice is required.