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2011_9_peruflag.jpegAccording to the WSJ, Peruvian food is the next big thing. Ferran Adrià (El Bulli) will soon begin work on a documentary film based on the food scene in Peru, meanwhile chefs across the US have been inspired by recent trips to the country. In Los Angeles, of course, we have Ricardo Zarate who opened Mo-Chica about two and a half years ago in Mercado La Paloma, he then launched Picca just three months ago, and next Zarate is working on his third eatery called Mo-Chica on 7, hopefully opening by Nov 1. Apparently, "[h]e plans a host of other Peruvian restaurants." In other news, this coming Thursday, Adolfo Suaya will debut his own Peruvian concept, Osaka. [WSJ]


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