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Seasons 52 Moving into I Cugini Space in SaMo

I Cugini, located at the corner of Broadway and Ocean, has been vacant for a few months now, furniture is gone but the restaurant's interior remains largely untouched. Window signage boats a full 47 ABC license application under the name "N and D Restaurants Inc," however this space is actually the new home for Seasons 52 which is supposedly opening in fall 2012. Here is public record which signifies that once complete the eatery will encompass 10,019 square feet with room to seat 339 diners. For those unfamilar with the concept, Seasons 52 is a Florida-based chain of health-oriented restaurants much like the newly opened True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica Place. Seasons 52 touts seasonal-inspired dishes all of which contain under 475 calories.
·ExpansionWire: Seasons 52 [~ELA~]

Seasons 52

1501 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401