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Sandy Gendel of Pace Has Purchased The Pane e Vino Space

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With Pane e Vino now a restaurant of times past, the question begs, who will take over? It appears as though Spacecraft has signed on to helm the redesign per exterior signage and, what do you know, chef and owner Sandy Gendel of Pace on Laurel Canyon and Cheebo on Sunset has snapped up this space. He plans to open a new restaurant similar to Pace though under a different name. Sounds like this could be another earthy California-Italian abode closer to the city's center. And that lush outdoor patio? A perfect Pace fit. More to come.
·After 20 Years Pane e Vino Bows Off Beverly [~ELA~]

[Photo: Inside Pace, Hollywood.]

8265 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

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