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Dine at The Roof on Wilshire For Epic City Views

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Elizabeth Daniels 9/11

Check. Out. That. View. Here we have The Roof on Wilshire atop the almost open Hotel Wilshire, that new green property designed by Killefer Flammang Architects and KNA Design.

As one would expect from pool-side dining, it's a pretty casual affair. There's a five seat interior bar in addition to indoor banquette seating, partially covered four-tops, and some lounge-y mini cabanas. The Foundation Hospitality Group (Eric Greenspan, Jay Perrin, Jim Hustead) were hired to devise the food and beverage program, check out chef Greenspan's American (The Foundry) brunch, lunch, and dinner menu (Perrin took on booze).

Yup, Greenspan's whimsical Pancake Lasagna is on the brunch menu, for lunch you could try a Greenspan grilled cheese under the name Wilshire Grilled Cheese (Gruyere, date marmalade, roasted peppers, sourdough), dinner ranges from Crispy Skin Salmon to Crispy Pork Belly to Caramelized Scallops. All dishes cost under $27.

Perrin sourced wines from CA and abroad, bottled craft beers all hail from CA with Allagash White and St. Bernardus Abt 12 both on draft, and if you're hitting the hard stuff there's a selection of classic cocktails with a modern twist, of course using fresh fruit and such.

As a reminder, The Roof opens September 28, call 323-852-6002 for a resy.
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