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Right Now Inside Chick-fil-A's Pre-Opening Party

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While the much-anticipated Sunset and Highland Chick-fil-A outpost doesn’t officially open until next Thursday, today Eater got a backstage pass to tour the eatery’s Southern-fried facility.

A small crowd today sampled the chain’s standard sandwich fare in a very Hollywood-looking tent set up in the restaurant’s parking lot, red carpet and all. Eater also toured the kitchen where we learned the top secret recipe for the lemonade (lemons, water, sugar -- signal the ohhs and ahhs), and checked out the half dozen fryers that can cook a chicken breast in four minutes.
More pre-opening celebrations are planned for the next few days. Jason Kennedy and Ashlan Gorse of E! News last night hosted a shindig for a crowd of 100, and a larger party is set for tomorrow night in the tent.

And, like the launch of the chain’s Valencia location, the first 100 customers in line at the Hollywood restaurant receive free Chick-fil-A for a year, which amounts to about $26,000 in food. Fans can start queuing up Wednesday, September 21 at 6AM. Food and DJ will be on hand while people wait.
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— Jamie Wetherbe