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Vosges Exotic Chocolate Boutique and Suck It Sweets and Treats Both Open

Elizabeth Daniels 9/11

1) Beverly Hills: On Saturday Katrina Markoff debuted her 8th US chocolate shop (there are four in Chicago, two in NYC, one in Vegas) on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. The boutique, with its hand-carved Marrakesh arches and 17-foot high ceilings, is divided into three rooms. The cafe, the marketplace, and the lab. The Vosges Haut-Chocolat laboratory and tasting salon will serve as Markoff's testing ground for daily limited edition chocolates and pastries, and it's also an area where boutique manager and pastry chef Hayley Evans (Millennium - SF) will experiment with vegan recipes. Expect homemade oat and hemp milk and other vegan creations in the near future. Do note, in the cafe there's Blue Bottle coffee and this list of curious confections. [EaterWire]

2) Studio City: Also this past weekend, Kaileigh Brelle opened Suck It Sweets and Treats, a gourmet ice pop shop in Tujunga Village. Sweets are mostly dairy-free and opening seasonal Sucksicle flavors included Mexican chocolate, watermelon, coconut, cantaloupe, cantaloupe-basil, pineapple-chili, apple cider and white grape. Also on offer a select assortment of locally made baked goods, candy, and raw chocolate truffles. [My Daily Find]

Vosqes Haut-Chocolat

311 Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 275-3621