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Good Habit Foods Gluten-Free Bakery and Market Coming to Thousand Oaks

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There's a new gluten-free bakery and gourmet market slated to open the week of September 12 in Thousand Oaks called Good Habit Foods. After serving as a personal chef in Hollywood, Nina Burr noticed that many of her clients had dietary restrictions or chose to eat a diet low in gluten. In 2009 she created a line of gluten-free cookies which gained a tremendous following and this past year in January she launched the product line at San Francisco's Fancy Food Show with friend/partner Christiana Robb. Fast forward to today, Burr and Robb decide to expand on the gluten-free concept with a full bakery and gourmet market catering to those dodging gluten.

Good Habit Foods soft opens September 12 with a grand launch set for September 17. To start the bakery/cafe will be open Monday through Friday from 10AM to 5PM. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Robb and Burr at the Fancy Food Show in January]

Good Habit Foods

1625 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA