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Ivan Kane's Cafe Wa s in Hollywood Is Now Closed

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Well. Nobody can say this comes as a surprise. Guess what? Ivan Kane's Cafe Wa s bistro has shuttered. In July the restaurant was listed on LoopNet for $225,000 and today a tipster writes in to say, "I also heard that the person who purchased the space walked in with cash soon after it was announced that Ivan was selling.....there was also a chain around the main door." Construction is currently underway for the venue's next incarnation.
·Ivan Kane's Whimsical Cafe Wa s Can Be Yours For $225K [~ELA~]

Update: Word on the street is that Art Davis, an investor in Voyeur and partner in the new Pink Taco on Sunset, has bought this space to open a beer garden.

Cafe Wa s

1521 N Vine St., Hollywood, CA 90028