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Gastronomico Soft Opens Tomorrow in Los Feliz

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Here are some menu photos inside Gastronomico, that new Los Feliz restaurant from The Gastrobus food truck chef/owner Antonio Medina. Tomorrow, the restaurant will soft open at 11AM and serve until 5PM, likewise for Friday. Next week the same hours will run Wednesday through Friday, with the official debut set for October 5.

Medina says that Gastronomico will serve a more "serious" version of edibles offered on The Gastrobus, though a few top sellers will return like the eight hour braised pulled pork sandwich and the corn flapjacks. Of course all ingredients are sourced from local farmers markets, meats from local butchers, with pastries and bread baked in-house. The menu, above.
·The Gastrobus Is Going Brick and Mortar with Gastronomico [~ELA~]

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