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Top Cheffage

Screen%20shot%202011-09-22%20at%2010.15.01%20AM.pngEater National has the scoop on the impending ninth season of Bravo's Top Chef: Texas which airs November 2. However, unlike years past, Bravo's announcement was not accompanied by a list of cheftestapants-to-be; instead, Bravo announced 29 "hopefuls." The list will be narrowed down to 16 actual contestants who will then compete. As expected, LA is represented by Nyesha Arrington (Wilshire) and Dakota Weiss (W Westwood), but also Jonathan Baltazar (Heights Cuisine in Long Beach), Chris Crary (Whist Restaurant in the Viceroy Hotel), and Laurent Quenioux (Vertical Wine Bistro). [-EN-]