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Dana Hollister Retooling Bordello into One Eyed Gypsy

Dana Hollister - the developer, restaurateur, and interior designer behind Villains Tavern, Cliff's Edge, 4100 Bar and a gang of other food/drink establishments - is reformatting her burlesque club Bordello into One Eyed Gypsy, which will debut later next week on 1st Street near Vignes.

Details are mostly being kept under wraps as PR says this spot is "still very much a work in progress." However, we do know that Hollister is redesigning the space herself and that the venue will serve both food and drink. That's all for the moment. [EaterWire]

One Eyed Gypsy

901 E 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA Visit Website

One Eyed Gypsy

901 E. 1st St. Downtown, LA, CA 90012