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Clifton's Cafeteria Now Partially Closed For 3-6 Months

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One year ago, Andrew Meieran, owner of both The Edison and Clifton's Cafeteria, announced plans to refurbish Clifton's to its original aesthetic which dates back to 1930. Over the summer, the historical diner closed for two days a week as part of the renovation process, but now Meieran has pushed into the next phase of updates and as of today Clifton's kitchen has closed. The downtown haunt will shutter for the next three to six months, during this time workers will focus on restoring the kitchen, the infrastructure, and the line. HOWEVER, amidst these updates, the bakery will remain open for diners to grab and go sandwiches, baked goods, and bread. Meieran plans to launch Clifton's as its new self in late 2012.

In other news, Holden Burkons, former pastry sous chef at Craft in Century City, has been named the new head baker for Clifton's.
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Clifton's Cafeteria

648 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90014