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Andre Guerrero & Ryan Sweeney To Open The Little Bear

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Interesting! Last month came word that Ryan Sweeney (Verdugo, The Surly Goat) was in talks to open a new bar called The Little Bear, here now more details.

Remember Royal Clayton's, the British pub near Church & State on Industrial downtown that shuttered less than a year ago? In January LAW reported that Church & State owner Yassmin Sarmadi had purchased the space, but since then there has been a change.

As it now stands, Andre Guerrero (The Oinkster), who is currently working to open Maximiliano's next week in Highland Park, has reconvened with Sweeney (they worked together at the original BoHo) and brought aboard his longtime pastry chef Jan Purdy (Marche, The Oinkster) plus his two sons, Max and Fred, to launch The Little Bear in that former Royal Clayton's space. Guerrero has relocated his full liquor license from Max in Sherman Oaks to the Industrial Street site. Early reports hinted at a French concept, but this has yet to be confirmed.
·Ryan Sweeney's Little Bear, Corkbar, and Chick-fil-A Grow [~ELA~]

The Little Bear

1855 Industrial St Los Angeles, CA 90021