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Jonathan Gold Pigs Out At Mozza's Whole Hog Dinners

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Today Jonathan Gold sings unctuous words of praise over Mozza's Whole Hog Dinners held at the Scuola di Pizza:

Most of all, the Whole Hog Dinners involve a whole hog each week, from the feet stewed with butter beans to the fatback used to glaze the gingerbread pigs for dessert, so you get to know that one pig rather well — an organic, sustainably raised Heritage pig, a different breed every week. (I'm not sure if you could get on a waiting list for a Duroc or Red Wattle, but I suspect it could be arranged.) Everything you eat, except for the cured meats, comes from that hog.
At a long table, along with around 24 or so other diners, plates are passed, though Goldy is especially taken by Mozza's salami program, "reportedly the first to be certified." He sampled "sweetly gamy coppa, slivers of fat pancetta wrapped around breadsticks, elegant sopressata, salami of every description...pâtés — including soft, creamy ciccoli, slabs of head cheese and a dark, funky pâté made with the pig's heart and liver..." To say the least, "Whole Hog Dinners will distinctly restructure your week." [LAW]

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