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Philz Coffee Coming to SoCal, New Hwood Jamie Lauren Project, Soba and Sake at Breadbar

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AROUND TOWN— Uptown Almanac notes, via The Facebook, that Philz Coffee, the popular Bay Area coffee chainlet, is headed to SoCal. On tap for 2013 is expansion to LA, OC, and SD. [Uptown Almanac]

HOLLYWOOD— Chef Jamie Lauren has landed a new home. Per Twitter, "I'm looking for line cooks for a new project I'm working on in Hollywood. Send resumes to: thanks!" [Twitter]

CENTURY CITY— The last standing Breadbar introduced a new temporary dining engagement yesterday running until January 19. It's called Common Grains Pop-Up Soba and Sake Bar run by soba maker Sonoko Sakai who penned a lengthy piece on the subject of soba for the LAT last summer. On offer freshly stoned/milled soba served with tradition or mod garnishes. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Philz Coffee, Mission SF]