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Wolfslair German Gastropub Opening Tonight in Hollywood, Jamie Lauren at the Stove

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Elizabeth Daniels 1/12

Art Davis, an investor in Voyeur, did in fact snap up the defunct Cafe Wa s space on Vine, and as previously mentioned, Wolfslair is his German beer concept which opens tonight. Speaking of chef Jamie Lauren, she claims the title here as executive chef, executing this German comfort food menu set with sausage, schnitzel, and spaetzle. The bar stocks 22 beers (some domestic, some German) between tap and bottle, and the nine specialty cocktails come with names like German Medicine (honey, ginger, Barbar Honey Bier, bitters) and Knicker Dropper (rum, cider, ginger ale, honey).

Lauren came aboard the project just thee weeks ago and explains that she is making as much in house as possible from mustards to pierogi to sauerkraut. Sausages are sourced from Schaller & Weber in NYC, a classic old school German delicatessen and one of the last of its kind. Lauren says she grew up four blocks away and used to eat sausages from there as a kid. Pop by tonight or snag a resy by calling 323-467-WOLF.
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