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Abigaile to Replace Union Cattle Co in Hermosa

As of this coming Sunday, Hermosa Beach's Union Cattle Co calls it quits. Owner Jed Sanford will retool his neighborhood pub into Abigaile, a more food-focused affair presided over by Max DiMare, a Rising Star Chef from Wood Tavern in San Francisco.

The plan is to rehabilitate 1301 Manhattan Avenue, a historical building which began as a baptist church in the early 1900s, then became the Craft House in the 1970s, and later served as home base for punk band Black Flag. Sanford hired Venice-based design firm Bishop Pass (run by Anthony Agriam who helped design Gjelina) to restore past design elements and create an easy communal setting. As for foodstuffs, expect a seasonal Cali/Mediterranean brasserie menu which will be printed daily. Abigaile should open in early February. [EaterWire]

1301 Manhattan Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254