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Jean Francois Meteigner's La Cachette Bistro Est Fini

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A voicemail recording breaks the news: "Thank you for calling La Cachette Bistro, we are now closed indefinitely..." A sad end to a French tale that began with L'Orangerie chef Jean Francois Meteigner opening classic French restaurant La Cachette in Century City circa 1994, then shuttering the eatery 15 years later to test a more casual seaside spinoff, La Cachette Bistro. Whether the restaurant opened in the right place during the wrong time or the wrong place during the wrong time remains unclear, however La Cachette Bistro has ceased operations as of January 1. There's a chance the restaurant could reopen or relocate elsewhere in LA. [EaterWire]

La Cachette Bistro

1733 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401