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Moon Juice Opens on Rose in Venice January 23

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The proliferation of Rose Ave in Venice continues with Moon Juice, opening on January 23. As a quick reminder, this is that new pressed juice spot conceived by food writer Amanda Chantal Bacon which was supposed to be designed by Sean Knibb (A-Frame), though that partnership didn't work out. This right here is the temporary, unfinished preview menu packed with all sorts of health promoting goodies. Spiced Yam juice calls for garnet yam, carrot, red apple, cinnamon, and ginger; meanwhile Goodness Greens involves kale, dandelion, parsley, spinach, and celery. Organic almond milk comes in flavors like Vanilla Fig and Mint Chip, and of course there is the design-your-own juice option too. As for solid food, Moon Juice will serve coconut yogurt, almond meal cookies, and granola with milk.

With regard to the drinks, it's worthwhile to note that fruits/veg/herbs are hydraulically pressed and this method helps juices retain the most nutrients. Juices should last in your fridge for three to four days.
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Moon Juice

507 Rose Ave., Venice, CA