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Tinga Moves Into Vacant Next Door Space on La Brea

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Finally, Tinga grows next door! Jerry Baker, chef and owner of year and a half old Mexican cafe Tinga on La Brea, is excited to announce that after a year of landlord negotiations, he has annexed that skinny orange space next door previously owned by George Abou-Daoud (The Bowery, Mercantile).

While adjacent expansion was part of his original restaurant plan (the space was for lease when Tinga moved in), Baker was unable to gain long-term control over the room and thus used it for private events and such. However, starting tomorrow, a roomier Tinga opens doors with fresh paint, new lighting, and non-communal seating.
·ExpansionWire [~ELA~]


142 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 Visit Website

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