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Kreation Kafe Opens Second Juice Joint in Beverly Hills

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Life in Beverly Hills just got a little juicier. On January 16 Santa Monica-based Kreation Kafe opened its second drinks-only outpost Kreation Juicery, not far from where the now shuttered Jamba Juice once sat in the former Blanc Haute Yogurt space.

The Beverly Hills juice bar serves the same menu of nutrition-boosted, made-to-order smoothies as the Westside location, like the Milky Way (organic milk, raw almonds, raw honey and bananas) and Red Velvet (almond milk, yogurt, raspberries, vanilla extract and frozen banana), as well as a section of cold-press juices by the bottle designed for immunity, kids’ hard-to-please palates, and about a dozen mixes that pair well with vodka for a healthy twist on your cocktail.

Also on the Kreation lineup: a selection of resolution-ready cleanses ranked from levels one to three (the higher the number, the greener the juices) or a custom cleanse that can be created by the staff and delivered to your door.

The Beverly Hills space is three times the size of the Santa Monica juicery and boasts raw wood paneling along the walls punctuated with live moss and plants, a small outdoor sitting area, and a bar with steel stools so patrons can belly up and watch what’s mixing. Menu, below:




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— Jamie Wetherbe