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Mac & Cheeza Leaving Downtown and Landing in Larkin's, Food Truck Launching in March

One more shutter to add to today's tally. As previously mentioned, Mac & Cheeza is ending its downtown run after just under two years. Management drops Eater the following e-mail: "Just wanted to drop y'all a note to let you know of the changes happening with us. After this weekend we will no longer be in DTLA, we want to thank all of you in DT for supporting us we had a good run, unfortunately the owners of the building felt we were doing too good and got a little bite from the greed monster. So it is time to move up and on! We will be opening a quick service spot in the small room at Larkin's, So get ready Eagle Rock, let the delivery begin! We are also in the process of getting a food truck built, so stay tuned for that extravaganza! Until then hit us up at Larkin's/Macandcheeza, and look for the food truck launch sometime in March!"
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Mac & Cheeza

223 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90014