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Sushi Nozawa Shuttering on Feb 29 After 20+ Years

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HOLY SHIT. SUSHI NOZAWA IS CLOSING. WTF? LAW reports that Kazunomi Nozawa, the Godfather of Sushi or the Sushi Nazi, depending on how you look at it, will shutter his 20+ year-old Studio City sushi hub on February 29. Sushi Nozawa, famous for its no cell phone, no children, no sending anything back policy (otherwise you will be chided and removed from the restaurant), was one off the first top notch traditional omakase sushi parlors in Los Angles. And while Nozawa still commands a loyal following, over the years many newer traditional sushi spots have opened (Sushi Park, Zo, Hiko), and even Nozawa himself has jumped on the slightly modernized sushi bandwagon with the inception of his Los Angeles chainlet, sugarFISH. Think Nozawa-style quality and cuts of fish served in a sleek space with less attitude at a lower price point. The restaurant hasn't shared many details on the shutter, but perhaps Nozawa is retiring? Is Sushi Nozawa going to become sugarFISH Studio City? Developing...
·Sushi Nozawa Closing [LAW]

Sushi Nozawa

11288 Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91604 Visit Website

Sushi Nozawa

11288 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604