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Caramel Becoming Lily Bar & Lounge, Sofrito to LV, Jet Tila Leaves Wazuzu, More!

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Caramel is undergoing a renovation.
Caramel is undergoing a renovation.
Photo: Bellagio

In the past, Eater LA has tracked the notable goings on in the original City of Sin, Las Vegas. With this week's launch of Eater Las Vegas we've handed over most coverage, and instead will run weekly recaps chronicling all the hotness. Here we go!

BELLAGIO— The Light Group plans to overhaul Caramel Bar & Lounge into Lily Bar & Lounge. By day the re-conceived venue will offer food from Fix Restaurant & Bar, and by night it will function as a club.

THE STRIP— New York Mets slugger Carlos Beltran currently operates two Puerto Rican restaurants in New York called Sofrito. Next he is considering branches in Vegas and South Beach.

PARIS/CAESARAS— Gordon Ramsay Steak will open in the Paris, meanwhile a second Gordo project will replace Bradley Ogden in Caesars.

WYNN— Chef Jet Tila has finally signed out of Wazuzu to work on his upcoming LA project and a tv show.