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Pink Taco on Sunset Opens March, New Secret Bar Atop

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Come March, Harry Morton - who recently launched Fukuburger in Hollywood - will open his next branch of Pink Taco in the W. Sunset Blvd space that previously housed Miyagi's. Originally, designer Dodd Mitchell was slated to overhaul the space into another Asiany concept called Ming & Mi, but that deal fell through and Morton stepped up to bat. Or, rather, stepped up to make tacos and margaritas. But Mexican fare isn't all that's headed to the three-tier space. Think in the vein of NYC's La Esquina or Sayers attached to Papaya King, Morton is also planning a "secret" bar situation on the venue's top floor. But, that is still on the DL, and from the sound of it, that deal has yet to be inked.

As for Pink Taco, expect a spacious ground floor patio (check out those oversized doors that open out), a large central bar made with reclaimed wood from Compton, and a small taqueria on the east side which may or may not serve a separate menu. Pink Taco's menu, in general, will stay about 90% true to its roots.

Level two affords a dining space filled with booths, a gang of private rooms, two bars (there are four bars total in the restaurant), and another set of stairs which lead to that forthcoming undisclosed project.

As for Pink Taco's structure, Morton chose to strip Miyagi's down to its bones which date back to the 1940s when the space functioned as The Players Club. Many separate rooms and a few nooks and crannies stand out, and within each space he intends to create a different vibe while staying true to the Pink Taco spirit. Hours of operation will likely run 11AM-2AM.
·Harry Morton To Open Pink Taco in Former Miyagi's Space [~ELA~]

Pink Taco

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Pink Taco

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