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Zinque Bistro Wants You To Come By and Stay A While

Elizabeth Daniels 12/11

Zinque tags itself as a French coffee cafe and wine bar, a needed and welcome addition to the Abbot Kinney strip when lines at Intelligentsia and The Otheroom prove endless. Both conceptually and aesthetically, Zinque fits seamlessly into the hood. The minimalist rustic/industrial aesthetic screams Venice cool, meanwhile a casual but still upscale eatery and watering hole open daily from 7AM to 11PM (and 2AM on weekends) is one of the few dining concepts bereft in this neck of the woods. Thanks to entrepreneur and first time restaurateur Emmanuel Dossetti, as of Saturday, this is the newest go-to for a morning coffee brewed with La Colombe Torrefaction beans, afternoon tea, or an easy glass of wine both earlier and later into the night. Breakfast sandwiches are offered in the AM, with tartines, cheese and charcuterie available thereafter.

While it's not all about the bread here, Dossetti does make a huge effort to overnight bread three times a week from renowned Paris-based bakery, Poilâne. He explains, "the loaves are so big that the bread is actually better after 2 or 3 days."

Fancy bread aside, the main goal behind Zinque is to nurture a sense of community through better food and wine. Loitering is encouraged, so feel free to come by for a two hour lunch or croissant and coffee at the bar, just like they do in France.
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600 Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291 310-437-0970