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Abricott Serves Pas, Updates on Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Cats in (Bread) Hats

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Photo: Pasadena Scoop

PASADENA— Pasadena Scoop catches wind of newbie restaurant Abricott, a French-Asian hybrid opened by management from Daisy Mint. The eatery serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and brews LAMILL coffee. Additional photos here. [Pasadena Scoop, South Lake Ave]

VENICE— Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, the bohemian pop-up run by chefs Kris Tominaga and Brian Dunsmoor, has been making waves since it overtook Capri on Abbot Kinney back in December. Many have wondered the fate of the rustic small plates dining concept, though management is still unsure what the future holds. There's a chance that WISC will stay put, but the pop-up could also move at the end of February to another venue. Apparently a separate "local operator" is eyeing this space. [EaterWire]

ODDITIES— It's really important to know how to make a bread hat for your cat. [Gawker]


238 S Lake Ave Pasadena, CA 91101