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Inside Palihotel and Palikitchen's Monday Night Preview

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Last night Palihotel operator Avi Brosh previewed his new boutique hotel's freshly outfitted digs for friends and members of the media. Over a glass of bubbly Eater toured the two floor property which previously served as THIS youth hostel. My, how far the space has come, equestrian theme and all. There's certainly no shortage of horse-themed memorabilia from the riding ribbons hanging in the lobby to the framed horse painting in the coffee bar area to a modern chair composed of horseshoes painted blood red.

Right off the bat you need to know that NO alcohol is served in Palikitchen. Now and going into the future. There's no bar, no liquor license, no beer or wine, nada. Palihouse chef Brendan Collins is overseeing the foodstuffs here and as mentioned yesterday, his menu won't roll out for at least a few weeks. When Palihotel opens tomorrow, Illy coffee drinks and pasties will be available, but that's about it. And even down the line, once the full menu is in place, Collins will be mostly composing sandwiches and light bites, this isn't really where you will be coming for dinner. More like lunch, maybe a coffee meeting, that king of thing. It's also important to note that Palikitchen does not offer table service. One walks up to the coffee bar, places an order, then seats one's self in the "dining room," be it at the long communal table or bistro table.

Design-wise, Palikitchen and Palihotel in general feel very much like big brother Palihouse over on Holloway. The design is thoughtful and calculated, filled with eclectic knick-knacks and an overall rustic yet modern feel. In addition to the "dining room," guests also have the option to take food outside and sit in the small enclosed patio. Need a room? Snag one here.
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7950 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90048