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Dry Aged Beef, Wine, Sweets Now For Sale at FarmShop

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At long last, Jeffery Cerciello has opened the shop portion of his popular Brentwood eatery, FarmShop. Now soft open, the shop is divided into easy-to-navigate sections. The space has been completely refurbished with new fixtures and marble. It's a major improvement from when it was the City Bakery. Cerciello says it will be fully set up with all sections complete by next week.

Prepared foods (hot and cold), cheese (international), charcuterie (American and Italian) and fresh meats (including aged rib eye) live on the center island. Along one wall, a bakery counter sells fluffy meringues, house-made granola bars, croissants, muffins and more. The buttermilk biscuits look like they came right out of a magazine photo shoot.

There's a refrigerated case for beer and wine next to a long wall of wines for sale -- the same ones can be found on the wine list at the restaurant. Produce, dried goods, preserves and packaged sweets (caramel corn, spiced nuts, bits of chocolate) are spaced throughout and along the rear wall, which is now partially glass and shows the inner workings of the bakery. The prepared foods section won't be up and running until next week, but expect seasonal salads and savory lunch items along with steamy stews and gratins. Another marketplace cafe fills a neighborhood niche.

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