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Carl's Jr. Eyes The Bahamas, Hungry Cat Reopens

BAHAMAS— Carl's Jr. is finally going to taste the Atlantic. Perhaps more famous for their splashy commercials than for their food, the burger chain has partnered with restaurant and retail developer AML Foods Limited based in the Bahamas. Together, the companies plan on opening several restaurants in the Bahamas over the next five years with the first of the bunch to open later this year. Carl's Jr. currently operates restaurants and franchises on the West Coast and in the Southwest. [EaterWire]

SANTA BARBARA— After closing for renovations on January 2, The Hungry Cat in Santa Barbara is now again open for business. [EaterWire]

TORRANCE— A new sandwich shop opened today in Torrance. LA Weekly reports that Vegas-based Capriotti's has expanded into the South Bay. They now have three locations in SoCal. [EaterWire]

Hungry Cat

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