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Butchery 101

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beefcuts.jpgBefore there was McCall's, before Lindy & Grundy, there was Huntington Meats. Known for supplying Nancy Silverton with her burger blend, this year, Huntington Meats partners with Suzanne Tracht of Jar Restaurant for a series of classes on meat. On Sunday, January 15 Huntington's expert butchers, John Escobedo and Robert Ore, will teach a class on how to break a side of beef and portion cuts. Also learn how beef is graded, how to grind at home, questions to ask your butcher and winter recipes from Tracht using beef cuts in winter (short ribs, briskets and roasts). Upcoming classes include Pig on 2/26; Lamb on 3/25; Beef Cuts for Spring on 4/22. Class price is $65 per person. To reserve, call (323) 938-5383 [EaterWire]