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Hot Red Bus, A Unique British/Indian Experience, Soft Opens in the SGV

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Chef Sonny Sehmi and wife/operator Sage Sexton Sehmi first tested their British/Indian foodstuffs via Ma Jasmin's (no longer in operation) at the Alhambra Farmers Market. Chef Sehmi, trained as an automotive designer, has 200 years of family culinary tradition behind him. After nearly half a year of planning and permit issues, Hot Red Bus, Sehmi's follow-up venture, soft launched Saturday, grand opening October 8. With it, the ex-Birminghamian (that's Birmingham, England, not Alabama) chef brings a uniquely British experience to LA.

The fast casual restaurant in Downtown Alhambra is full of Anglo cues: union jack on the table, a double decker bus' mirror, England's national football flag. The menu is modern British-Indian food, with doner kebab and England's number one dish, chicken tikka masala, both available in wraps. Fish and chips and samosas are already popular here, and a salad section is to come. Hours of operation run Tuesday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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