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Seoul Sausage, Winner of The Great Food Truck Race, Preps West LA Shop for Debut

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Cal Bingham 9/12

Seoul Sausage — last night's finale winner of The Great Food Truck Race — is five days away from launch. And although Eater attended the soft opening party, those early photos were a bit hard to discern, so here is another look into the space, empty. As mentioned Seoul Sausage is a small getup, with just a couple tables and a wooden bar attached to the open kitchen for diners to stand and eat. Korean sausages comes in flavors like spicy pork and beef kalbi, served with an cabbage apple slaw and kimchi relish, respectively.
·Inside Seoul Sausage's Scion Pre-Opening Party [~ELA~]

Seoul Sausage Company

11313 Mississippi Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025 310 477 7739 Visit Website