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Robert Egger to Launch Non-Profit L.A. Kitchen in 2013

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Robert Egger, founder of DC Central Kitchen — a non-profit founded in 1989 that recycles excess prepared foods from restaurants (for the homeless) and trains ex-convicts to work in the food space — is translating his vision to Los Angeles next year with the inception of L.A. Kitchen. Earlier this week Eater DC attended the charity's annual Capital Food Fight where Egger announced he would be moving to Los Angeles to debut the program on the west coast. Here in LA, though, he plans to take L.A. Kitchen to a new level by also sourcing leftover fruit/veggies from local growers and, not only create food for local shelters, but also freeze excess produce and make it available to other agencies for year-round use to help combat hunger. Watch Egger talk about the forthcoming L.A. Kitchen here.
·DC Central Kitchen's Robert Egger Announces Departure and Plans to Launch LA Kitchen in 2013 [~EDC~]