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David Myers' Hinoki & the Bird to Century City in Dec

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Chef David Myers (Comme Ca) has named his new Century City restaurant, opening in fancypants condo tower The Century, Hinoki & the Bird. Slated to debut in late December, Myers brings back Kuniko Yagi of his shuttered Sona (Yagi was promoted from sous chef to chef de cuisine, and back in 2010 was also named a Rising Star Chef) as chef.

Since her days at Sona, Yagi has spent the last few years cooking across Asia and Europe, and at Hinoki & the Bird she and Myers will execute a small plate menu inspired by California and Southeast Asia/Japan. Sample plates thus far: willow-smoked and marinated tuna with seaweed and garlic; Malibu spinach, miso-aged cream cheese, tiny tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette; and black pepper crab with cucumber and steamed bun.
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Hinoki & the Bird

1 Century Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90067