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A Note From Eva Restaurant, In Need of $12,000

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While chef Mark Gold is off staging at Noma in Copenhagen, his wife, Alejandra, is still trying to raise $12,000 to maintain the restaurant's liquor license, and thereby keep the restaurant afloat. After yesterday's Facebook post and cry for help, she disseminated the following note and PayPal address to friends, family, and supporters:

...then Chef Mark Gold was off to Copenhagen for a coveted apprenticeship at world-renowned NOMA restaurant... THEN we got the notice that after years of battling with the city planning department, a variance that our attorney described as a nominal issue was in fact denied. the variance involves relocating parking spaces for eva (we secured spaces 1,000 feet from the restaurant vs. the required 750 feet, thus the variance) ... we have three days to come up with $12,000 for the final round of legal fees and an appeal to the city. if we don't file a another variance (meaning attorney's fees plus $7k for city fees) we will lose our liquor license, which would eventually put us out of business. any donation you can provide is the greatest help these next few days.
That's the latest, according to Alejandra. Thoughts welcome in the comments.
·With Closure Imminent, Eva Asks for $12K in Donations [~ELA~]


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