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FOH and BOH Depart A1 Cucina, Changes to Come

It's unfortunate that Angelenos never really discovered seven-month-old A1 Cucina Italiana, the simple Italian spot with heartfelt cooking by chef Fredy Escobar, operated by Danilo Terribili in partnership with Giacomino Drago (who previously ran the space as Il Buco). Last night Terribili mailed out the following note to patrons:

Dear friends, Unfortunately, Chef Fredy Escobar and I will be leaving A1 Cucina Italiana in Beverly Hills, this coming Sunday October 21st. We have enjoyed the opportunity to explore some new options in the restaurant space including design and the introduction of several more adventurous culinary options. We would sincerely like to thank everyone that has enjoyed A1 Cucina Italiana, and hope to see you again at our next venture very soon! Sincerely, Danilo Terribili
The location just didn't work out for A1 Cucina and supposedly Terribili will pursue another restaurant opportunity elsewhere. Word on the street is that Drago will continue to operate the space, though under a new name and with a new menu. [EaterWire]

A1 Cucina Italinana

107 N. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA