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Here's The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's LA Schedule

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New York City's beloved Big Gay Ice Cream Truck hits Los Angeles from October 23 to 27 and the soft server's schedule is now posted on its website. Catch the truck next week at Cakemix, Heath Ceramics, Graffiti, Animal, and more! Founders Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff have also brought with them chef Fany Gerson to craft paletas and Humphry Slocombe's Jake Godby to serve as sous chef and prepare toppings in the Animal kitchen.

As for flavors and such, think vanilla and dark chocolate soft serve swirled into Salty Pimp, Bea Arthur, or Cococone cones. Sundaes come topped with olive oil and fig, Maker's Mark bourbon butterscotch and more.
·NYC's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is Popping Up in LA [~ELA~]