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Adolfo Suaya Returning to Old Dolce Space with Orleans

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This is interesting. Not long after re-partnering with Lonnie Moore (Dolce Group) to debut The Phoenix on La Cienega, Adolfo Suaya — who separated from Moore/Dolce Group before Dolce Enoteca extinguished back in 2009 — is reclaiming the space yet again after its three-year Philippe Chow residency. What's to come here? A seemingly Southern concept titled Orleans, per the ABC. However, according to Suaya, right now he's very busy with The Phoenix and nothing is happening here at the moment.

Southern-focused restaurants could be the next big thing. Sassafras bar just opened in Hollywood, The Hart and The Hunter, formerly Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, has always served a Southern slanted menu, The Bayou is headed to Santa Monica Boulevard, P. Gators Southern Grill is en route to North Hollywood, meanwhile that Bludso's BBQ/Golden State mashup promises barbecue somethings. [EaterWire]


8284 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90048