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There's a 99% Chance Venice Will Nab a Livigni/Moix Bar

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Back before Blue Plate Taco opened in Santa Monica's Shore Hotel, when the property originally wanted to place a bar within what now exists as the lobby area, Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix, the lauded bar guys from such establishments as La Descarga, Harvard & Stone, and Pour Vous, considered the hotel as the site for their first beachside operation. They thought Black Market, their unfussy pubby Studio City bar cheffed by Antonia Lofaso could be a smart fit. But the hotel deal didn't work out.

So, it comes are no surprise to hear that Livigni/Moix have likely found a space elsewhere on the westside, in Venice, actually. In an interview with Zagat, Livigni states, "We are 99% sure we have a space on the Westside for something similar to Black Market. It's a medium-size space in Venice - can't tell you exactly where yet - but it will either be a Black Market or similar. Antonia will be there, and we'll have really nice approachable, affordable cocktails."
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Black Market, Studio City. [Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]