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Loreley Updates, Malibu Wok Approved For Malibu

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1) West Hollywood: Popular New York-based German beer garden and restaurant Loreley wants to open in LA on the north west corner of La Brea and Lexington. Operator Michael Momm is in the process of acquiring the proper permitting to move forward with the aforementioned. Those interested in sharing thoughts on the proposed establishment may attend a public hearing at West Hollywood City Hall on October 9. [EaterWire]

2) Malibu: A Chinese restaurant called Malibu Wok will replace Barrel wine bar in the Malibu Colony Plaza on Malibu Road. Proprietor Sacha Fattahi plans to serve "healthy and delicious Chinese style food" and states that the vegetables used will be "mostly" organic. [Malibu Surfside News]


La Brea Ave and Lexington Ave, West Hollywood, CA